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7 products


7 products

Chair Goda Pro

93,00 €

MAIHEM configurable sofa

1 232,00 €

AVILA configurable sofa

1 530,00 €

VALEDA configurable sofa

1 606,00 €

OLDEN configurable sofa

1 258,00 €

SOFT configurable sofa

1 540,00 €

TRUMS configurable sofa

1 526,00 €

A tasteful combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style is based on a minimalist design ⎯ not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional and comfortable. These are natural materials, earthy, calm colors, clear and expressive lines, as well as high-quality furniture and interior elements. When it comes to colors, Japandi sticks to neutral tones that don't dazzle. Light gray, pastel colors inspired by nature, wood, clay, sand - all this corresponds to the style of Japandi. However, bright colors are certainly not prohibited - indigo blue, glossy black or even emerald green and ruby ​​red accents will create a more subtle effect.

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