1.1. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. If the Buyer does not provide accurate data in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences.

1.2. The Company collects, processes and stores personal data in accordance with these Purchase and Sale Rules, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Poland and other legal acts. The Company ensures the rights of data subjects in accordance with the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and other regulatory enactments regulating the processing of personal data. The Seller processes the personal data provided by the Buyer for the performance of e-commerce activities (acceptance and execution of customer orders and warranty service, etc.).

1.3. The Seller processes the Buyer's personal data for the following purposes: (i) for the purpose of e-commerce - to identify the Buyer, sell the goods and services in the online store, process the Buyer's orders, issue financial documents to the Buyer, deliver goods, provide warranty services or exchange of goods, to solve problems related to the purchase made by the Buyer, to fulfill other obligations of the Seller (details - Clause 1.5 of the Purchase and Sale Rules), (ii) for direct marketing purposes (details - Clause 1.6 of the Purchase and Sale Rules), (iii) quality assurance of provided services purpose.

1.4. When the Buyer places an order to purchase the product and / or registers in the Store, he is deemed to have: (i) agreed to provide his personal data, (ii) agreed to the Purchase Sale Rules and the personal data protection policy set out therein, (iii) does not object to the Seller process personal data for the purposes specified in these Rules.

1.5. The Seller receives and processes the Buyer's personal data for the purpose of e-commerce: name, surname, telephone number, address (when the Buyer indicates the address in the delivery form). This personal data is stored and processed until the order is fully fulfilled. The data is then transferred to a passive database and stored throughout the warranty period. Upon expiration of the above deadlines, personal data is destroyed by an authorized employee of the company.

1.6. The seller also processes personal data for direct marketing purposes. In the registration form under the sign “I would like to receive news from www.atreve.pl by choosing a specific method of receiving news from the options prepared by the Seller, the Buyer indicates that he agrees to receive information and promotional material about services, goods from the Seller and / or third parties selected by him. persons by the Buyer's e-mail and / or SMS message and / or a call to the specified mobile phone number specified in the registration form.

1.7. The Seller may use data not directly related to the Buyer's person for statistical purposes, i. y. data on purchased goods. Such statistics will be collected and processed in such a way as not to reveal the identity of the Buyer or other personally identifiable information.

1.8. The Seller receives personal data directly from the Buyer (after registering in the customer's account on the website, initiating the purchase and sale agreement). The buyer must provide correct personal data during registration and / or purchase. The seller does not process personal data obtained in other ways.

1.9. In processing and storing the Buyer's personal data, the Seller will make every effort to ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as against any other unlawful processing. However, the Buyer must also take care of the security and / or confidentiality of its data, especially with regard to its disclosure to third parties. The parents or guardians of such persons are responsible for the conduct of minors and / or the confidentiality and security of their data.

1.10. The buyer confirms that he has had access to the conditions for the processing of personal data. The buyer is informed that he has the following rights:

1.10.1. At any time, change and / or update the information provided in the registration form, as well as cancel your registration. The Buyer's account is then deleted and the registration data is deleted;

1.10.2. The Buyer, having submitted an identity document to the Seller or in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts or by electronic means that allow proper identification of the person who has confirmed his / her identity, has the right to access his / her data and check how they are processed, i. y. to receive information from which sources and what personal data are collected, for what purpose they are processed, to whom they are provided, to demand correction, destruction of their personal data or to suspend the processing of personal data when the data is processed without complying with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data or other laws ;

1.10.3. other in the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other normative acts e-rights;

1.10.4. The Buyer consents or disagrees with the processing of his / her personal data in writing and / or by e-mail, which he / she has registered in the online store, indicating his / her name and surname.

1.11. The buyer has the right to object to the processing of his personal data, as well as to refuse to provide his personal data. However, when personal data is necessary and necessary to identify the Buyer for the purposes of concluding, executing (online trade) contracts, without providing personal data and / or not agreeing to their processing for the purposes specified in the Purchase Sale Rules, the Seller will not be able to conclude and / or execute the contract.

1.12. The Buyer has the right to express requests in writing, by e-mail to correct, destroy personal data or suspend the processing of personal data. by mail or in person at the Seller's place of business.

1.13. The Seller undertakes to ensure the security of the Buyer's personal data, to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unlawful destruction and / or accidental alteration, disclosure and any other unlawful processing. All employees of the Seller and its representatives undertake to protect the personal data of the Buyer.

1.14. The Seller may provide personal data to the extent and in accordance with the procedure set forth in these Purchase and Sale Rules only to the data subject, parcel delivery companies, as well as other recipients of data, when the Seller is obliged to provide personal data by laws, court decisions and other legal acts.

1.15. Inquiries, claims and other information related to the processed personal data must be submitted to the Seller in writing by e-mail. email info@modalto.pl.

1.16. Inquiries, claims and other information must be formulated in such a way that the Seller can identify the Buyer to the extent necessary to prepare a response and have the opportunity to send a response to the Buyer. The Seller will endeavor to investigate the inquiries, claims and requests submitted by the Buyer as soon as possible.


Customer data is stored and processed in accordance with the valid regulations of the Republic of Poland s Directives on the Legal Protection of Personal Data (Official Gazette 2003, No. 15-597). Customers' personal data is stored for no longer than necessary. At any time, the customer has the right to receive, modify, block or, if necessary, even delete the data submitted and saved free of charge. This can be done by contacting us by email. email info@atreve.pl or other specified contacts. In order to register or order goods, you will need to provide your details, which will be used for order fulfillment and marketing (direct marketing) purposes. For direct marketing purposes, your data will be used with your consent. If you are already a customer, you can log in simply by entering your email address. email address and password.

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